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Quality and softness come first
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Quality and softness come first
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Quality and softness come first

Company Vision

In the company Melian d.o.o. we introduced our own production line in 2017 for manufacture of paper (cellulose) products.

Our products cover the AFH (Away from home) line, which means that we produce all kinds of paper towels in rolls, toilet paper rolls for everyone types of dispensers and additional medical roll-sheets. We have our own products protected by the paperSI brand.

In 2019, we expanded the range of our own products by acquiring a new V-Fold production line. So we added V-Folder paper towels, toilet paper sheets, napkins.

All our products are made of raw material with a Quality Certificate, which guarantees controlled origin or logging, biodegradability of the material, no harm to human health and no negative effects on the environment.

Our vision is to add even more quality cellulose products of Slovenian origin. Our goal is to win over the customer, at home and abroad, that appreciates Slovenian quality.



As we are constantly expanding our range of products, we added the Dry Wipes product in an eco-friendly mobile doser. This product makes everyday life easier for everyone and is at the same time in a completely ecological packaging that enables efficient recycling.


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